Are you a Room Parent, Event Chairperson or Teacher who needs volunteers or items for an event at Maple East? 

Email Liz Astridge at with the following info:
1. Requester Name and Email: this person will receive email notifications on all volunteers and items slots filled
2. Name and Description of Event: please specify exactly how and what you would like posted
3. School-wide event or Classroom specific event: please specify classroom teacher and grade
4. Volunteer Date(s): specify the date or dates where volunteers or items are needed
5. Volunteer Times: specify the times where volunteers or items are needed
6. Number of Volunteers or Items: specify the number of volunteers or items needed for those dates and time slots
7. Volunteer Items Description: very short description of what items are needed 

Please allow 3 business days.
Note: Volunteers must be registered as a site Member before they can click to volunteer.

Once a user does click to volunteer for a particular item or time slot, they will be notified, reminded and thanked automatically through our website email system.